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Gandhifellowship "Community Immersion"

One of the best parts of being a Gandhi fellow is that you gets lots of opportunity to go through several self-building processes. One of them is Community Immersion. This is the process that is exhilarating and life-changing. This process can bring you stories that you would tell throughout your life. Now, Imagine a place(a slum or village) which is totally unknown to you a while back and where you will get a chance to stay for a month. Not only, you have to be there but also engage school, community and community head so that they could work on the loop-hole identified in the community, school and this will happen because you were there. Sometimes, you don't even understand the language people around you speaks. I am sure some of you are getting very excited about it and most of you became anxious to some extent and thinking how could I be useful if I don't know their language and can't speak with them, How would I communicate with people around. It's not an easy ta…
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Gandhifellowship "Mini Public System Project :स्वच्छ भारत अभियान "

As this is our first unofficial post as a group in a form of a blog. Let me take few seconds to explain the core objective of this endeavour.  The primary objective is to connect with the people around and showcase them our constant efforts. In others terms, we also want to stimulate our youth to join our hands to become a change maker by bringing change within himself or herself. At last, We wish to explain some of our objectives, Learnings and challenges throughout our journey within the fellowship tenure. We will be explaining all of our practices and endeavour encountered during our processes.

Now, read the title again "Mini Public System Project: स्वच्छ भारत अभियान". So, As you can understand from the title, it is another process (Mini PSP) that we have participated in for a week. During this process, we got some direction and suggestion in a form of a document. I am mentioning only the gist of it. The key terms mentioned in that document were as follows

one week - Durati…

Dreadful Dream!

Dreaming is not always a delightful experience. There are several bad and evil experiences as well.But do you remember any of those evil dreams? I guess a few of you would say 'yes'. If you could remember any of such fantastic glimpse of your nightmares. I would love to know about those dreams because the dreams are much more intriguing than our real life. I can remember when I was thirteen my dreams were more or less like a fantasy movie. There are several characters in my dreams but they have never shown me their faces.I presume they were shy. The adventure of watching such a dream is not less exciting than watching movies like Hobbit or Harry potter. If I compare them scrupulously I would say my dreams are much more embellished. You may also share your experience about the cacophonic dream in the comment box below.
 I have heard that a  few people have also experienced a glimpse of the chucklesome dream. This surreal dream is the mixture between real or true events in the …

The Winter's Tale

Let's Read one more interesting Story summarised by Merry Lamb and Charles Lamb from The William Shakespeare's Play The Winter's Tale.

Leontes, king of Sicily, and his queen, the beautiful and virtuous
Hermione, once lived in the greatest harmony together. So happy was
Leontes in the love of this excellent lady, that he had no wish
ungratified, except that he sometimes desired to see againagain, and to present to his queen, his old companion and school-fellow, Polixenes, king of Bohemia. Leontes and Polixenes were brought up together from their infancy, but being, by the death of their fathers, called to reign over their respective kingdoms, they had not met for many years, though they frequently interchanged gifts, letters, and loving embassies.
At length, after repeated invitations, Polixenes came from Bohemia to the Sicilian court, to make his friend Leontes a visit. At first this visit gave nothing but pleasure to Leontes.He recommended the friend of his youth to the queen's par…